Just a Hardcore rant from a Hardcore mind.

Okay so I live in the shithole town of Chatham, moving Manchester in three weeks. But in this town of Chatham there is an old abandoned bus deppo where we hang out, other skaters hang out, BMXers hang out and then all the Goths, grungers, emos, scene kids, metal kids, brootal kids and just plain greebs hang there too. Now I talk to everyone, even the greens as loads of them are safe and are just going through that jank phase we all had. But a fair few of them have just started listening to Hardcore. Or rather, heard a couple of TRC songs and think they live by it. They’ve taken something that they know nothing about and make out on a daily basis they own it. Now Hardcore is my life. It’s a lifestyle, not just a beautiful genre of music. And to see these children talk shit about things they don’t know about is painstakingly frustrating. There’s a select few of them who think they know everything about London Hardcore and the LBU. There’s one who has just got in to More Than Life and now I know he’s going to run them into the ground and if he ruins my favourite band for me I will destroy him. My point is, don’t try and be something you ain’t. Yeah it’s cool if you like one or two Hardcore bands but don’t think that makes you top UKHC don. Because it doesn’t. Hard ore is a lifestyle and not a fucking bandwagon. I fucking hate begs.
In the words of the legendary Madball;

Got a phone at long last…

Got a Lumia. Ladies and gentleman, Reece Mooney is in touch with the world.

Whenever I think about my girlfriends ass…

It turns to thinking about slapping her ass, which then turns into bending her over an fucking the hell out of her until she’s left shaking and breathless. Fuck me I love our sex.

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Shave the god awful tache off or grow a fucking beard. You look like a pedophile with that dropped eyebrow hangin under your nose.

I don’t even have a tash…

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